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Big Maintenance is now regular maintanance

As in the previous post we communicated that we were doing big maintenance, we indeed have migrated some websites to another Cloud Environment based on Openstack technology. We are currently testing the performance and are reorganizing the websites and making them responsive with a SSL certificate.

The maintenance is ongoing and will take a couple of weeks to finish. We have had some user questions about free services that are now paid services, however the paid services are not expensive and we are offering discounts to our existing customers. Some of the questions has crossed the reorganization and still do due to reorganizing websites one by one. Most of the websites will offer free or discounts after logging in you can find all the information in the “My Account” page.

Feel free to make a support ticket as we are still very busy configuring the websites backend and member pages. Our firewalls, proxy servers, load balancers, CDN  and security implementation may conflict with our members accessing a website. Please make a support ticket so we can help you gaining access again.

We will keep you updated!

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