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Network problems in the Netherlands started again

Since april 10, 2017 we are experiencing issues on our network due a big issue in DC2 of Serverius. We could not update yesterday due this issue this website was suffering from downtime and latency. We did updated on our support website hosted on a very different cloud in Chicago United States.

The network problems from yesterday just started again. We were able to update our website: however this website is also affected by the issue. You can find the update here:

Currently we are experiencing issues again and this is a serious issue due to most big players are affected, we found a link in Dutch about this issue in Serverius DC2 Data Centre:

We will keep you updated, we have no influence at all regarding the network problems.

Update 02:58 AM, april 11, 2017 Pacific Time:

The Serverius engineers indeed found the problem, and with a quickfix the problem solved for now. But they are in contact with the core switch supplier (Cisco) for a permanent solution. Of course we will keep you informed.

Update 02:58 AM, april 11, 2017 Pacific Time:

All problems seems to be stabilized we did not had any problems anymore.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Team Cloudzola

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