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Internet Radio Streaming Solutions

We are proud to present the results of our case study about Internet Radio Streaming Solutions. Shy Radio is broadcasting Romantic Latin Pop Music and they don’t talk.


We have investigated and reviewed some popular radio streaming solutions like SHOUTcast, Winamp, Live365 etc. We have found that Radionomy offers the best solution for the needs of our customer. All copyright and artist fee’s are covered in this free on line services. The implementation and configuration was pretty straight forward, once we choose our desired solution.

The basic implementation took less then one day and our customer was up and running in minutes.

The best part is that this solution is almost for free, a simple webhosting package is the only thing we pay for. Radionomy is free of charge and includes artist fee’s. With the client software called Radiomanager you can administer your radio station and music library. You can make schedules and programmings of your broadcasts and upload mp3, jingles, Podcasts etc. You do not need a permanent Internet connection when you broadcast pre-programed schedules. If you do live broadcasting you will need an Internet connection for the duration of the live broudcast.

To see or hear the results you can visit the Shy Radio Website at: or Listen in your Media Player by opening this Radio Stream.

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