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How to submit your internet radio station to iTunes Radio

itunesradioWe would like to share the information on how to submit your internet radio station to Apple iTunes Radio. If your submission is successful, your internet radio station will be added to iTunes and will be available under the category you submitted your radio station. Getting your internet radio station exposed in iTunes is not an easy task, you will have to know how to do it. First of all it is very important you submit your radio station the correct way at your very first attempt. This will eliminate any delays and you will have to wait at least 5 business day’s before you are allowed to send any inquiry about your submission. Take notice of Apple’s guidelines about submitting your radio station to iTunes.

We managed to submit two radio stations to iTunes Radio and both got accepted. We submitted Shy Radio and AA Radio and they got the exposure in iTunes as expected. With all the iTunes users all over the world, this will give a massive impulse to your internet radio stream.

How to submit
You can submit your internet radio station’s stream by e-mail to apple. See the e-mail address in the image below.


The Subject must be: Station Submission: <Station Name>

Station submission requests must contain all of the following information:

  • iTunes Store login account/email address
  • Station Name (this must be the name as it is used in your station’s official branding; you may not change your name to start with ‘A’ to be listed higher unless it is a legitimate part of your station’s name)
  • City/State/Country of Origin
  • Language of Broadcast
  • Stream Type (MP3, AAC or AAC+)
  • Station genre; must be a genre listed in iTunes 10 (sorry, only one genre per station)
  • Website for station
  • Short station description (to be shown in tuner)
  • Contact name, email and phone number
  • Bitrate (sorry, only one bitrate per station)
  • Audio Stream IP/URL (sorry, only one url per station)

You can use this template for your own submission and if you comply to all the submission guidelines, your station will be accepted.

Station Name: <Station Name>
City/State/Country of Origin: <City,State, Country>
Language of Broadcast: <Language>
Stream Type: <MP3, AAC or AAC+>
Station genre: <Station genre>
Website for station: <>
Short station description: <Max 5 words is recommended>
Contact name: <Your full name>
Contact email: <>
Contact phone number: <+12345678901>
iTunes Store login account/email address: <Your Apple ID>
Bitrate: 128
Audio Stream: <>

After you submitted the e-mail, you will receive a confirmation mail from Apple’s iTunes Radio. If your station will be accepted you will receive a reply on your submission mail within two business day’s. We received the reply within 24 hours with the message: Your station should appear as requested by the end of the week.

We hope this information is useful and if so you can consider to add a text link to one of our radio stations on your website.

Please use the following information for the text links:

Description: Shy Radio

Description: Adult Alternative Radio

We wish you good luck with your radio station submission to iTunes Radio.

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