We are an international ICT company operating for more then 20+ years. We are an information, communication and technology organization specializing in internet technology solutions and website publishing. We provide services in the field of internet and website consulting, implementation and maintenance. In addition, we conduct worldwide freelance projects or assignments.


Our support engineers can process support questions in about all main languages including: Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German and English. However the default language is English


We started in 1998 as a pioneer in web hosting services and data centers. On May 1, 2002, the hosting activities were taken over by DIS Europe BV, all other operations were continuing as of this date by G8 Intermedia.

Stigdata BV (Limited liability Company) was founded on August 23, 2002 with the purpose of seconding automation experts and IT specialists and has been taken over by a third party 01-01-2008. Since then we have continued our work under the name G8 Intermedia. G8 is a registered trademark.

Since oktober 2013 G8 was acquired by a third party that was only interested in some of our products including our domain name, so we proceeded our Internet Solutions and activities under Hajhu.com and founded a new limited Liability Company in 2014. Due to reorganizations and expanding new activities we will soon move to a new website, meanwhile our (existing) customers can reach us via Hajhu.com.


We specialize in website publishing and intenet solutions. In addition, we carry out freelance assignments in the field of ICT.

Mission statement

Successfully publish and operate Internet sites and the provision of ICT and Internet solutions and services to the business community.